Mentoring Program

Being a mentor is paying it forward to the future generation. Our mentoring program creates opportunities for more experienced professionals who offer their time and care. Our mentors from all walks of life influence a developing individual to make informed decisions, positive transitions and important connections with people.  In the future, they will in turn pay it forward and become mentors to the upcoming generation.  Mentoring provides information, opportunities, nurturance and support.  By successfully navigating a relationship with a mentor, a young person develops a shared sense of caring, respect, trust and self-efficacy, which is paramount when it is applied to specific goals (such as school or career) or to the young person's emotional and social development.


Lending a hand not only fosters community well-being, but is sure to be a rewarding experience. We are seeking individuals from different professions and interests.   We are sure that you will play a valuable role in the life of an individual or community.   Our volunteer placements will suit your skills and fit into your busy schedule. Please contact us and let us know how you can help. There are exciting volunteer opportunities to consider. Your future participation will be greatly appreciated, and like many current volunteers, you will find the volunteer experience to be a rewarding one. We want to provide the highest quality free care to individuals in our community and to do so, we accept trained volunteers who exhibit our  core values: dedication, service excellence, integrity, team work, continuous improvement, accountability and personal fulfillment.

School Project

School sponsors play an invaluable part in the lives of families and communities. Your donations give us the freedom to be creative, come up with innovative solutions to invest in school buildings and programs that will benefit students and support teachers.  As a sponsor you will receive detailed profile of our participating schools, project needs and regular updates to show how your involvement and sponsorship influence change. 

Quality Care to Disabled Children

As part of our 501 (c) 3 non- profit mission, SBGOF believes in the humanitarian and charitable service to children with various disabilities within the communities that we work.  Participating in this program opens up the opportunity to help children desperate for food, clean water, basic health care needs, and even a bed to sleep in.  This project aims to provide humanitarian aid and help disabled children receive the integrated social, health, and childcare services that is so critical to their future.  Your sponsorship to the program can help the children stay healthy, happy, and hopeful for a bright future.